Monday, December 20, 2010

Christmas Jar Story: 'I have chosen someone who needs a spiritual uplift'

Two years ago, I heard of someone giving a Christmas Jar. I decided to buy the book and was so touched at the random act of kindness..I had to do it. I quickly filled a jar and my daughter and I delivered it on Christmas Eve to a Family who had lost their son in a car accident a month earlier. It wasn't that they needed the money, but they needed an spiritual uplift and to know that someone cared what they were going through. I prefer to leave the jar on the doorstep and ring the bell and run...well I have my daughter do it. It was funny, we circled around the block because we wanted to make sure someone got it and he came out and we almost got caught. Last year we gave it to a family that has a young child with cancer, because we didn't know for sure where the boy lived, we took it to his grandparent's house and made them swear that they wouldn't tell who dropped it off. This year, I think that I have chosen a friend that has had two of her
children get married this year, lost father in law, lost her husband to a brain tumor and lost a long time family friend to an accident. It isn't as if she needs the money either, but once again I have chosen someone who needs a spiritual uplift..and know that someone knows what she is going through. The blessing comes by giving anonymously...the random act of kindness with no expectations of praise or recognition. So, just sign me....anonymous

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