Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas Jar Story: 'Am I even deserving of this gift?'

Bridgeville, PA:

I've just finished reading Christmas Jars. With tears, smiles and finally the acceptance that I will probably never know who, or whom it was that placed this book inside my stormdoor along with a crisp, clean 100.00 bill. Wow is my reaction. For 4 hours yesterday I went crazy trying 2 figure out Who did this??? Why me??? Why was I chosen??? Am I even deserving of this gift? Have I been a blessing to others or not enough of a blessing??? Who knew I was not home for that short period of time, when the gift was placed between my front door and storm door??? My brain hasn't stopped wondering. This was not a random act of kindness... this (I believe) was very intentional and well thought out. Thank You to whomever it was...for the heartwarming book, and gift of THOUGHTFULNESS. I thank JESUS everyday for all of my blessings (both large and small) and I will be passing the Christmas Jars blessing to others.

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