Wednesday, December 9, 2015

'The child then hands someone the jar'

Ruston, LA

This is the 5th year of giving a Christmas jar. We save up all our change (mostly). We have been fortunate to be able to change the coins into bills twice a year. I paint "Christmas Jar" in red & green on a Mason jar, fill it up with coins & bills, pile the grandkids (all 5) into the van & proceed to the predetermined house. One of the kids takes the jar to the porch, rings the bell & runs back to the van.

On a couple of occasions there have been people outside. The child then hands someone the jar, wishes them a Merry Christmas & hops back into the van.

The first 2 years I didn't leave a book; now I do. This year we won't be home for Christmas. I'll deliver the jar a few days before Christmas & to someone I know. Before, I would hear of someone from friends or from church. This year will be tricky. He has roommates & will probably guess where it came from. Oh well!

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