Sunday, December 6, 2015

'She was trying to support herself and three young children'

Location Unknown

A number of years ago, I gave the book,  "Christmas Jars" to each of my three children.  On the third Christmas of saving their change, my daughter and son-in-law were trying to decide who their recipient would be that year.  My son-in-law thought of a very sad looking cashier who had waited on him a number of times at the local Walmart, but he knew nothing about her.

One evening my daughter and her husband went out to dinner and this lady was working as a hostess at a restaurant in their small town.  The next day at Walmart he made a purchase and got in her checkout line.  He asked her why she was working two jobs.  She replied her husband was an alcoholic and she made him leave their home.  She was trying to support herself and three young children.  Her ten year old daughter had to take care of the younger children when she was not at home.

My husband quickly thought of a way to find out where she lived.  They lived in a mountain community and often used their fireplace to help heat their home.  He said he had some extra firewood and wondered if she could use some.  She answered that she would be very grateful.  He got her address and had to go home and chop firewood.

He delivered the firewood and a few days later left nearly one hundred dollars in her mailbox.

When I heard about their story, I said I would like to send her some money. When I told my other daughter she said she wanted to send money, also. My daughter said she wished she knew someone in another state who would send money and she would have money from four different states.

Having friends in may states, I started calling  and telling them the story. I said I would reimburse them if they would send ten dollars to her address. No one wanted to be reimbursed and I found sixteen friends who wanted to do it.  Just before Christmas my husband was in Walmart and she seemed pretty cheerful. He wished her a Merry Christmas and she thanked him and said it would be a good Christmas.

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