Monday, December 22, 2014

'I went down and woke my wife I gave here the biggest hug that I could muster'

Riverton, Wyoming

On Dec. 21st 2014 I was cleaning up my kitchen while my 4 children were watching a Holiday movie and my wife had already laid down for the night (she had to go in at 2am the next day) there was a knock on our front door. As usual when the door knocks all the kiddos want to race to answer it, this night was different it was probably around 8pm, but their holiday break started the next day so they were up, but didn't race to the door.

I answered it, a man introduced himself as a deputy sheriff or someone who worked for the local system, cant remember his title, but that he gets picked to deliver things. So here I am thinking I'm about to be served with something civil/legal or whatever, and racking my brain because I know I have no reason to be.

Oh yeah I forgot to mention he asked for me by my name, and had difficulty pronouncing my last name as most do, so I knew that he was sent for me. And man was I served he explained to me that there was an older man that wanted me to have this, and he handed me a jar full of money and the book "Christmas Jars".

I didn't know what to say or do I started tearing up right then shook the mans hand and in a shaky voice thanked him and wished him a Merry Christmas. After the excitement from the kiddos calmed which surprisingly only took a few moments, I went down and woke my wife I gave here the biggest hug that I could muster and we held each other for a couple minutes, both overwhelmed with joy, and an unfamiliar feeling of love, love from a distance an unexpected gift such as our Christmas Jar warmed both our hearts.

I went upstairs with the jar and just looked at it rotated it around and saw it full of coins and one dollar bills and a few fives and tens, just looked with amazement and awe I was in the presence of God at that moment, not because of a jar full of money, but because of such a selfless, loving, sacrificial act, that I was experiencing!

I noticed that several of the bills were rolled tightly and tied with a single small piece of ribbon, as I began to empty the jar the symbolism and meaning of that became clear. Each bill was a small gift, but being rolled so tightly made it possible to fit more in the jar! Talk about going the distance to better another's life.

So I set the jar aside not rushing off to count the money, I HAD to read this book. So I did I read the whole thing that night, couldn't put it down until I was finished. Wow what a beautiful story. The money will help but when its spent it will be gone, but I will have that book forever and as well as the beautiful message in the story. I will share it with my children let them understand why it is better to give than receive. Such a wonderful feeling and value, and by far the most rewarding experience one can ever feel.

So whoever you are that thought of me and my family this year to bless with your commitment of how ever long you fill your jar for thank you, Merry Christmas and God Bless you as well. I look forward to putting my spare change in a different kind jar this year and all the years to come!



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