Tuesday, January 31, 2012

'Thank you so much for the book and the jar of coins'

Lawton, OK:

This is my third Christmas of jars and I gave one to one of our teachers aids, (a grandmother who takes care of her grandchildren) It was secretly given to her. She planted a seed the following night at the school Christmas party by telling 47 others about her surprise gift. 

Through the school counsellor I received this card. To My Friend, Thank you so much for the book and the jar of coins ($76). The book has encouraged my ministry of giving. Your gift of the money was right on time for me to do something for someone else and for me:) I have shared my book with my daughters and grandchildren, and will be sharing with friends as well. My mother taught me to be a cheerful giver, and God has blessed me and mine. If you ever need anything call me, you are my friend.

PS: I always give a book with my jar.

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