Thursday, December 29, 2011

'Thank you for being our angel in this dark time in our lives'

East Stroudsburg, PA:

We're in the process of losing our house due to it being worth a lot less than we paid for it. We have been struggling for a while and recently made the decision to try to sell our house that we bought to raise our two children.  Both my husband and I work full time and I was recently working 2 jobs to help us with Christmas.  We have been extremely stressed out trying to pay bills and barely putting the heating on this winter.

I came home today to find a mason jar filled with probably around $200.  My 5 year old son and I could not believe our eyes.  To see the look on his face was amazing.  I explained that someone very kind has given this to us to help us in our time of need and I cannot thank whoever left this money enough.

Thank you for being our angel in this dark time in our lives.  May God bless you for your kind deeds!!

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