Tuesday, February 7, 2012

'My husband and I received a Christmas Jar this Christmas'

Cheyenne, Wyoming:

My husband and I received a Christmas Jar this Christmas.  We have never heard of one before but after reading the book it truly made use believe in the miracle of human kindness!  

My husband has been on leave from his job since July 3, 2009 for turning in someone for stealing. This last Friday he was dismissed after 31 years of service with the State of Wyoming.  No income, no insurance, no nothing for 31 years of service, but that person who was stealing is still employed!!  

The money from the jar is going to start a fund for me to get hearing aids.  I need two.  They will cost $6000.00.  I am almost deaf in one ear.   Now my husband has no job and the Christmas Jar fund may not grow very fast.  We are going to try to past the jar on to a person or family less fortune then us and make them feel as blessed as we felt.

This is our miracle story of the Christmas Jar.

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