Friday, December 28, 2012

'I had absolutely no Christmas spirit this year'

Alexandria, VA:

I was loaned a copy of The Christmas Jars by my sister in law.  I read it and loved the story.  For 2012 I decided to keep my own jar.  

Then in June.  I lost my Mom.  Christmas was her season.  She is the reason I understand the true meaning of Christmas.  I knew this Christmas would be a hard one with her celebrating in Heaven, but I didn't know how hard.

I had absolutely no Christmas spirit this year.  I felt none of the usual joy and excitement as December approached...until it came time to deliver my jar.

My husband and I learned of a family who are new immigrants to this country.  They have had a very hard time since arriving.  I knew they were the destination for the jar!  My husband also suggested we do more than the jar.  We bought a grocery gift card and presents for all three family members.  We wrapped and waited for the fateful day!

Delivering the packages was one time I felt the joy this Holiday. I pray that the family who received the gifts feel as much joy as I did delivering them.

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