Saturday, December 29, 2012

'I am completely inspired and i have a new hope for life'

Mandan, ND:

For the past few months I was in a very low part in my life. Recently I had gotten out of a very bad relationship. Everthing was starting to get better. I had found out I was pregnant with my recent ex's child. I didnt know who to turn to but i was releived to be going to a church retreat to the Badlands. Ive been to these retreats before but I had never gone in December. There was a small gift exchange on the first night. Everyone had a gift by the end of the night yet there were a few small gifts left, some people had brought extras. Being i had helped clean up i was given one of the exta gifts. I unrapped a book titled "Christmas Jars" I did not get a jar myself but i started reading this book and i finished it about a half hour ago. I'm so amazed by the story that I cant wait to start my own jar! In fact I finished a jar of salsa earlier and decided to clean it and reuse it. Now i know exactly how. Anyways i plan to start my own tradition of the Christmas Jars along with a copy of this book to whoever i give it to. I also plan to include my child in the tradition and read this story to him/her every Christmas. I am completely inspired and i have a new hope for life!

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