Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Christmas Jars Story: 'I have said so many prayers asking god to take care of us'

Festus, Missouri:

I became pregnant and then became really sick from the pregnancy to where I bruised my rib. I ended up losing my job from being sick and my boyfriend got pneumonia and lost his job. We had to move to low income and luckily he found a job. We were living of one income. 

Nov 14 our baby boy Jameson was born and I had a lot of conplications. We were living pay check to pay check one night my boyfriend and I went to a Christmas on main street with both of our parents and our baby and his parents said they had something to give us from anonymous people. We were then handed a Christmas jar with 400 dollars in it!! Later we both cried it was amazing that people we didn't know cared about us and our little boy. My whole family has read the book and are starting jars themselves as well as giving the book as presents. We are also starting a jar so we can help others.

I have said so many prayers asking god to take care of us and somehow he always comes through!

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