Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Christmas Jars Story: 'This helped us and gave us hope'

Kettering, Ohio:

It was about 7pm on Tuesday December 18th when our doorbell rang. I had pulled my back out earlier that day, so my fiance went to the door. He did not see anyone just a car that  was leaving. He came back into our room and their was a loud knock on the door. He then went back to the door and opened it. He said all he could see was some women running back into the car and he looked down and saw 2 jars and a book sitting in front of the door. My fiance came back into the room holding the jars and book in his arms telling me what he saw. I began to read the book as he started counting the 2 jars of change. All we can say is Thank You... Whoever you are! 

We just recently bought our first house and are planning our wedding after being together for 7 years and are financially struggling. This helped us and gave us hope and we are so grateful for this help!

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