Friday, December 2, 2011

Christmas Jar Story: 'We knwe the jar was for her.'

Wichita, Kansas:

My husband read the book after watching the
author on TV. He gave me the book to read. I got
transformed in such way that I took it to my work
and shared it with lot of people, especially with the
Tuesday study group women I attend. I told them
I want to start this project this year. By then it was
summer time of 2011. They agree to do it as a group.
Every meeting we brought our change collected
during the week.

The time came to decide who will be the person in
need to bring the jar. We mentioned different
people as potential receivers. One lady in the group
knew that one of us in our group was passing some
struggles but she was quiet but after Thanksgiving
more things happened to her. When we learned
about her situation, we knew the jar was for her.
The awesome detail was that when we were sharing
about our potential individual or family, she was
asking me if I knew a family from a program I lead,
that was in need. So she was thinking about others
when she was in such struggle. That really breaks
my heart. I'm so glad she was chosen. We put the
money in a special box with the book at her desk
when she left her desk to go for lunch. I had to do
a TV program that day so I was not in the office
when she came back. All that I know was that when
I call her on the phone to let her know that I was
running late for one of my class I teach, her voice
was like she has been crying but trying to control
herself because she is the receptionist. We couldn't
wait until the week of Christmas because we felt
we had to move quickly.

Today Dec. 2, 2011 I'm sending a news release to
the media, sharing about our Christmas Jars
project. I want to inspire other organizations to do
the same we did. I found it is a very easy way to
help others and bring hope when it seems there
is no light at the end of the tunnel.

God Bless you for this so inspiring book. This little
book is a bomb! I took a picture of our jar if you
would like to see it. (I think you will need to add a
box for photos :)) Next week we are going to take
a picture of the group with the jar to have a good
memory of a begining of this project of hope.


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