Saturday, December 24, 2011

Christmas Jars Story: 'We're sure that each day is a struggle to make ends meet'

Ridgeville, SC:

For the past several years we have saved our spare change and given our Christmas Jar to a waitress at a favorite restaurant in the nearby rural town of Holly Hill. She is a young, single mother of 3 babies/toddlers. She works long hours for a small salary, and we felt like she could probably use it more than anyone else we knew. This year we decided that our jar would go to our adult 40+ year old son who works at one of our local grocery stores. His job is not flashy and he doesn't receive a huge salary. We're sure that each day is a struggle to make ends meet. He is, however, reliable, hard-working and good-hearted. As my husband and I have have had several health issues to deal with over the past year, his regular visits and assistance in handling the "heavy lifting" of things around the house have been invaluable. He will receive the traditional Christmas gifts from the family and even Santa's stocking, but we thought that the surprise of the Christmas Jar might make the day a little brighter still. All year long we plan and talk about who our likely candidate might be. Thank YOU for the lovely gift of "The Christmas Jar".

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