Friday, December 23, 2011

Christmas Jars Story: 'This is beyond amazing to us'

Shenandoah, VA:

A couple years ago, my dad left. Mom has been struggling to make it on her own since then. She works hard and is making every effort to get herself to a better position financially. But it's always tight. She does what she can - but often goes without. She's leading a very frugal life, because she just doesn't have the means. She's the type of person that gets excited when she finds a dollar or two tucked away and every little bit helps.

Imagine her excitement, when she left work yesterday, and found a Christmas Jar sitting in her car. This is beyond amazing to us. It's a miracle! I'd never heard about this amazing gift and nearly cried when she told me about it (I live very far away, so she actually showed the jar to me over Skype). I don't know who gave this gift. Someone very special and we feel blessed! It means so much to us that this person was so kind to do this for mom.

I'll start my own Christmas Jar to give away next year.

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