Monday, December 5, 2011

Christmas Jar Story: 'we noticed something wrong with the refrigerator'

Riverton, UT:

The past year of our lives, has been one of complete
humility. We were always the family who served,
who donated, who helped out when no one else
could. When the economy took a nose dive, my
husband had to leave a business he had help
create to keep it alive. We obtained a new job
after 9 months at 1/4 of the pay. With 5 children,
4 teenagers and a college student, we were are
at the most expensive stage of our married life
and starting over.

I work at a job, I absolutely love, however the pay
and hours are not enough. So with 2 incomes,
our basement apartment rented out we still are
short each month by almost 1/2. Trimming the
budget to the bare bones, depleting all our savings,
cashing in our 401K & receiving help from family
& as a last resort, ecclesiastical help. We are doing
everything in our power to keep life as normal as
possible as to not bring doom and gloom into out
children's minds.

So this Sunday evening, After eating dinner we
noticed something wrong with the Refrigerator -
It was not working, luckily we live in Utah where
it is cold, and we started piling our food into the
cold garage, to safe as much as we can. As a family
we sat down to watch a broadcast of the Christmas
Devotional given by the first Presidency of the LDS
Church, We heard a knock at the door and found
the Christmas Jar and your book. I will be honest,
I was embarrassed that I was being given this
generous gift, yet it could not have come at a better
moment, seeing as I was just worrying as to how
we were going to fix the fridge. I wish I could
thank that family who felt the Spirit and shared
the Light of Christ with us this evening.

I hope to be able to pay it forward in the future.

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