Sunday, December 11, 2011

Christmas Jar Story: 'I came home from work and my husband had moved out'

Zimmerman, Mn.:

I have been married for 7 yrs and on august
12th I came home from work, and my husband
had moved out. It was one month and 1/2 before
our 8th Anniversary. It was a total shock. I went
into a survival mode and immediately set up a
garage sale to make some extra money. Our rent
at that time was 900.00 per month which I could
not afford on my own. He did leave 600.00 in our
checking acct.,and left all the furniture. He only
took all his clothing,motorcycle,and tools. I sold
most of everything accumulated in our 7 years
together. I made 3000.00 dollars. I was offered
by an old friend and her husband to move in with
them for 5oo.oo per month. I paid them a 1000.00
out of my moving sale. In the mean time I still was
paying the bills from where my husband and I

I talked a lot on my wireless phone and to make a
long story short, went over my minutes, not
realizing the amount it was adding up to. I ended
up paying around 900.00 total. Then where I
moved, after a couple of weeks I decided it was
not going to work out living with someone else.
I felt bad because my friend and her husband
financially did need some help. I do believe God
was looking after me because I found a mobile
home for sale for only 3000.00 . I told my
friends to keep the other 500.00 because of them
offering me to rent with them. The rest of my
money, like I said before was to live on and
pay previous bills. Someone who I cannot
mention his name,borrowed me the 3000.00
to get the mobile home. When I went to pay
for the mobile home,the mobile park had said
they needed 400.00 damage deposit for the
lot plus 290.00 for the lot rent. well the person
that was selling the mobile home, said that
they would only charge me 2600.00 for the
trailer, so that I didn't have to worry about
the lot damage. In the meantime I knew when
I got this I would really be living on a tight

Now, about the money can.. I came home from
work and there was a Christmas bag on my
steps. I picked it up and thought somebody left
me a heavy candle. I opened! I it up, and started
crying. Someone is really looking after me. I
cried several times during the day, also read
The money jar and cried again. I am crying
now typing this letter, because that gift from
some unknown person, really is making me
think about life differently. There are people
out in the world that are much worse off then
I am. I at least am thankful that I have 2 part
time jobs, and some very dear family and
friends that are there for me when I need
them. I am starting today, to put my change
in a jar, for someone else to experience what
did, when I received my Money Jar which
amounted 92.00, that I put in the bank to
pay another bill. Thank-you very much
mystery friend, you opened my eyes up to
how good life really is. Everybody that was
there for me, I can never repay them for
their tremendous help,I truly thank you
from my heart, and I will always pledge
to do a money jar, starting now.
thanks,so much......Debbie

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