Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Christmas Jar Story:I left him just before Christmas'

Glencoe, Alabama:

The Christmas jar changed my families lives.
Although I have never had the chance to read
the book, a few years ago I was able to read the
cover. See I have been in abusive relationships
for a very long time and the last one, I was in
I was married to him. I had finally had enough
when I realized he was hurting my babies..
anyway I left him just before Christmas with
nothing but a broken down van. I did get to
keep the place we were renting and stuff but
I had no job and no way of getting the kids
Christmas gifts or any of our basic needs or
anything. I never gave up that something would
happen and that I would be able to provide for
them and sure enough.... One day I walked out
of church and sitting in the seat of my van was
a jar FULL of money! I couldn't believe it! And
at the bottom was the cover to this book! No one
has ever confessed or anything but one day I
know I will be able to help someone in the
same kindness that we were shown.

Thank you Jason Wright for your wonderful
gift. I can't tell you how much that it changed
my life but to let you know because of that I
have been able to give my children all their basic
needs and we had a great Christmas that year
as well as we are all very happy and in a fulfilled
life with a wonderful husband and dad and a new
addition to our family. Wow! I can't express
enough how much that book helped change our
course in life. I cant wait for the day when I can
get a copy of it and finally read the entire thing.
Thanks again and God bless!

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