Sunday, October 9, 2011

Christmas Jar Story: ' Each classroom filled their own jar.'

Grants Pass, Oregon:

I fell in love with Wednesday Letters, which led
me to Christmas Jars...which I loved as well.
I'm a 5th grade teacher, and I'm also the
coordinator of our school's Student Council.
Every student council member (18 3rd, 4th,
and 5th graders) decorated a jar and then
placed their jar empty in their "adopted"
classroom, which ranged from k to 5th
grade...18 classrooms total. Each classroom
filled their jar. Then over Christmas vacation
it was the Student Council members job to
hand out their jar, and write about their
experience. When they returned from vacation,
Student Council members read their papers
to the students in their "adopted" classroom.
It was amazing for the entire school! Students
felt like they made a difference in someone's
life and helped spread hope and love!

I'm now having my Church's home fellowship
over and we are decorating 14 Christmas jars
this for each family in our home
group, which will then be filled until Christmas
and delivered throughout our city.

Christmas Jars will be a tradition in my life
and my family's lives forever. Thank you!!

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