Thursday, December 23, 2010

Christmas Jar Story: 'The two kids were trying to sneak away'

Hampstead, NC:

This year has been really hard on my new young family. We are a young couple just married last valentines day. A very short while after that we found out we were expecting a baby. Two months later our grandfather passed away, which was hard on us. To make things worse, my husbands dad passed away, with no warning at a very unexpected time, which crushed him. Then our son was born. The only good thing that had happened this year had messed us up even worse financially after the death of our loved ones. Then in October a very close cousin of his died and that just totally broke him. He came home yesterday and he seen some people sneaking around the house, the two kids were trying to sneak away. After they got away and he went to go into his home, he found the jar full of money. He picked it up and brought it inside to show his wife with tears in his eyes. Who ever gave us this gift, we would just like to thank you with all our hearts and may god bless you this Christmas and new years.... Thank You.....

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