Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas Jar Story: 'Thank you Christmas Angel whoever you are.'

Pensacola, Florida:

Christmas Eve 2010...sitting in my apartment with my granddaughter..a knock on the one there. I was online at the time with the childrens director from our church talking about Christmas Eve Service..I told her I was scared..knock on the one there I was really freightened. Then..another knock on the door. A neighbor out walking her dog said a "scruffy faced man" asked her to knock on my door and make sure I saw the gift bag on my door step. Sure as the world I had not noticed it because I was looking up for a person. I took the bag in the house.Low and behold..well you know..I found a jar of coins and the book, Christmas Jar with it. I haven't counted it doesn't matter how much it is because God proved his point. You see..while on my way home from the Christmas Eve service I was telling my daughter-in-law.. if you take care of Gods work God will take care of you...look what he did to prove it? Put an angel to work a year ahead of time to be there at that moment to prove God would indeed take care...God is amazing! Thank you Christmas Angel whoever you are!

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