Monday, November 1, 2010

Christmas Jar Story: 'Our family hit rock bottom but did not quit'

Cedar City, UT:

Being self employed is always a challenge but in this economy owning a construction company is just a heartbreak. Heading into winter of 2009 we knew things were not going to work out with our little company. Knowing we were going to shut the doors plus unemployment rate we scared of our future. Money got tight real fast and our outlook on life got dark. Coming home one cold afternoon we found a jar full of money and a book called the "Christmas Jars with it. I automatically picked up the book and read it. I was so touched I cried to my family explaining what it means to get a jar. A couple of weeks ago we lost our house we built with our own 2 hands years and years ago. Our family hit rock bottom but did not quit. We have a Christmas Jar at our new house ready to give to a family as down on their luck as we were.. not in finances but in life.

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