Saturday, December 11, 2010

Christmas Jar Story: 'My husband had a near fatal car accident'

South Carolina:

We receive our Christmas Jar a few days ago. This summer my husband had a near fatal car accident. Thanks to God and great doctors he is home and mending, But with all of this blessing he had to close his business. So we went to being comfortable to only what I bring home from my part time job. If it was not for this Jar and all the people who have supported us for six months we would be on the street, we are trying to sell our house and when this happens we will be alright. I only pray that one day we can give back to people who are in need. We start filling our jar today. Before all of this we help people but now more than ever I know how important it is to give then to to receive. From this day forward we will start filling up this jar. And give this jar next Christmas to someone who needs it. Thank you for this bless story. May God Bless you this year.

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