Thursday, December 23, 2010

Christmas Jar Story: 'It took a lot of prayerful time to change my heart'

Camararillo, CA:

We only read your book this week but ran around our house collecting all the change we could find.

We didn't count but the jar was full of silver coins, even silver dollars and half dollars and a couple of stray dollar bills.

When thinking of who we could give it to, I learned more about myself then ever before. I found myself being judgmental and having expectations of the
people I thought of giving it too. I knew that was not the attitude that I wanted in my heart when giving. It took a lot of prayerful time to change my heart.

Tonight a friend mentioned a mother with 5 children who was struggling and had to be staying at her home. I told her of the jar and then sent it home to them to be anonymous.

I now know it was God's plan of who it should go to and my heart is at peace with no judgments or expectations.

Your book is changing the hearts of many people while also blessing those who read it.

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