Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas Jar Story: 'I have 3 kids I am raising alone'

Rochester, NY:

This has not been a good year in Rochester for work for me (enough said). On Monday December 20th 2010 I heard a knock on the door, I opened the door and young very chipper smiling beautiful Italian woman 24-30 looked at me and asked, are you Dave Carlson, I said yes, she said I have a package for you. I said who is it from, she looked at the box and said it says Santa, I was like huh? She said I don't know, it seems to be anonymous. I thought a second and said, well who are you. She said nothing but, I am just supposed to give you this package. I said, Well do you know who gave the package to you to give to me. She said I don't know I'm just supposed to give you this package. And she handed it to me and said Merry Christmas and walked to her car.

I went inside and opened the box and there was a plastic snack Jar with a lid completely taped up and when I looked inside the top all I seen was $$$$$$. I removed all the tape unscrewed the top and emptied it out on the living room floor and sorted all the bills. $112 in one dollar bills, $35 in $5 bills, $20 in ten's, four $20 bills A $50 bill and 8.73 in loose change. In this Jar there was $310.73.

My son Zack age 14 came home from school and saw the box and said, Hey Dad whats this, I said It's a box. He started rustling through the papers and unwrapped a book called "Christmas Jars". I have 3 kids I am raising alone. I'm not saying I was desperate for extra money for the Holidays, but I put it to good use. I thank whoever it is that sent me a Christmas Jar and wish I could thank in person.

P.S. My kids, Sara 17, Zack 14 and Zoe 9, thank you also. who ever sent this Jar to me, just know that it is greatly appreciated.

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